Berkey Shower FilterBerkey Shower Filter Review
Overall Ranking: 4.8/5.0
Price: $54 or $33
Brand or Company: Berkey Filters

Introduction to the Berkey Shower Filter

The Berkey Shower Filter has its own patented filter that contains a high purity combination of calcium, copper, and zinc that proves to be the most effective way in reducing free chlorine, dirt, and odors from water.  Its proprietary patented filter also eliminates bacteria and reduces the growth of algae and fungi in the shower.

Pros and cons


  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation in the shower environment
  • Reduces up to 95% of chlorine
  • Reduces the levels of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and iron oxide
  • Reduces damage to hair and skin
  • Reduces lime, scale, mold and fungi in shower stalls
  • Eliminates foul taste and odors
  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy to replace
  • Lasts up to 20,000 gallons before needing replacement; 2x the amount of most filters on the market


  • Currently only comes in white (I prefer chrome myself)

Who is the Berkey Shower Filter for?

The Berkey Shower Filter is specifically manufactured for home usage.  It is for anyone who has sensitive skin, dry skin, or eczema.  It is also for those that are concerned with the inhalation of chlorine vapors and what that can cause.  If you have hard water or water that has a certain odor to it, the Berkey Shower Filter can get rid of those things as well.  It can also reduce the amount of algae and fungi in the shower too.

Now full disclosure, as of the date of this writing, October 9, 2017, I do not own any shower filters, but after spending hours researching different shower filters and the benefits of having one, I know I will be getting one very soon.  I know it will do wonders for my dry skin and fading auburn hair, plus it well keep harmful chlorine and chlorine vapors away from my family and I as well.


And although I researched several top of the line shower filters, my first shower filter I get will be the Berkey Shower Filter because I have already owned the Big Berkey Water Filter for over 3 years, and I know first hand how well their filters work when it comes to drinking water, especially after going through Hurricane Harvey.


Berkey Shower Filter Review

The dimensions of the shower filter are 5 x 4 x 4 inches, weighs 1.2 pounds, and has an item model number KDFSF.  Now it only comes in one color, which is white, one of my cons above because I prefer chrome.

The Berkey Shower filter is super easy to install.  It’s just a matter of unscrewing your shower head and screwing on the Berkey Shower filter.  You can adjust the water flow from the filter i.e. from massage to spray, and its filters can last up to 20,000 gallons, about 1 year, which is 2x the amount of most shower filters on the market.

The Berkey Shower filter works the same way as a catalytic converter in an automobile. It converts the free chlorine into harmless chloride that can affect your hair, skin, and nails…and that’s just on the outside, that doesn’t include the chlorine vapors that it eliminates, keeping you and your family safe.


Berkey has lived by a motto, “Always ensure every customer is 100% satisfied.”  And they say that it is this motto that  has allowed them to grow from a small, family owned business into a large company.

They have a 100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.  But returns are rare because Berkey provides such a high quality product and it is evident with the many 5 star reviews that they get on Amazon.  Besides Berkey’s 30-Day Guarantee, they also have a Standard Manufacturer 6 Month Warranty on the Berkey Shower Filter, and of course you can replace damaged products at an instant.

But going back to Amazon, you can usually get the Berkey Shower Filter for about $10 less on Amazon, than on the actual Berkey website.  So it got me thinking about return policies and warranties.  Amazon has their own return policies and if there is a third-party seller, they can have their own as well.

So I decided to give Berkey a call myself.  I asked Berkey’s customer service representative, that if I was to purchase their product through Amazon, does their 30 day guarantee and warranties follow with the product itself or is it based on the individual, third-party seller.

The lady said the return policy and warranties are based on the third-party seller and may not be as good as Berkey’s policies.  I told her that although Amazon has the Berkey Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head for about $10 less, I was willing to pay more to ensure I would get the excellent support, return policies, and warranties from Berkey themselves.

She said there is one third party seller that is actually owned by Berkey themselves, and that is Ikon Goods.  She said if I buy from them, not only would I get the discounted price, but I would still get everything else that comes with a Berkey product, just as if I had purchased it directly from them!  I said, wow, now that is a deal, I will take it! 🙂

Click Here to Purchase the Berkey Shower Filter at a Discount and Still Get all the Berkey Return Policies, Warranties, and Exceptional Customer Service


There are two ways you can purchase the Berkey Shower Filter.  You can purchase it with the Massaging Shower Head or you can just purchase the Filter by itself and attach the shower head of your choice.

The current price of Berkey Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head, on their website, is $64, but you can get that same thing for $10 less through Ikon Goods on Amazon.

You can also purchase the filter by itself, on the Berkey website for $44 or on Amazon through Ikon Goods for only $33, that’s an $11 savings, and you still get ALL OF BERKEY’S RETURN POLICIES, WARRANTIES, AND EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT!  Note that price of the products can always increase or decrease at any time and for a number of reasons. For instance, the initial price for this product was $80, just fyi.

Overall Thoughts on the Berkey Shower Filter

Like I mentioned above, at the date of this writing, we do not yet own one, but after my research, we have decided to go with the Berkey Shower Filter for 3 main reasons:

  1. We already have over 3 years of personal experience with the Big Berkey and it continues to perform day in and day out
  2. I want to buy with a company that is big enough to get replacement parts with ease
  3. I want to buy from a company that has great warranties, return policies, and excellent customer service
  4. I can buy it on Amazon, at a discount, and still get all the Berkey perks

I will be putting in an order this week on Amazon, through Ikon Goods, for the Berkey Shower Filter, and I will be updating this review in a couple of months on how well it performs.

If you would like to keep your family safe from dangerous chlorine vapors and have healthier and smoother skin and hair, then Click Here Now to Purchase the Berkey Shower Filter at a Discount and Still Get all the Berkey Return Policies, Warranties, and Exceptional Customer Service

Berkey Shower Filter Review

If you have any questions or any suggestions, feel free to write them down below.  Also, if you already own a Berkey Shower Filter, we would love to hear your experience with it as well.


To Beautiful Inside & Out,

Mandy Cancino

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