Welcome to Balancing Point’s Skin Care Products review page.  Here you will find numerous skin care products that we have reviewed.  Some we used personally and have researched extensively, while others, we did not use personally, only using extensive research, to review the skin care product.

The reason we may have not used certain products personally is because of the fact that over the past 80 years the U.S. has only banned about 30 chemicals and ingredients within the cosmetic and skin care industry, while the E.U. has banned over 1,300!  There are certain chemicals and ingredients we just don’t want on our bodies, therefore we only used extensive research to review those products.

You will find that some of our skin care products have been awarded Balancing Point’s Seal of Approval, while others have not.  Here is a list of skin care products, and one that we will be adding to over time, for you to browse at your leisure:

If you are wondering why I have so many Beautycounter Product Reviews, then be sure to read my full review called, “Beautycounter Review: Not Just a Company but a Cause Behind the Counter.” You can also read “Our Story” to learn the WHY behind us creating Balancing Point.

Please be sure to revisit and bookmark this page as we will add more product reviews each month.


To Beautiful Inside & Out,

Mandy Cancino